Thesis Consultation

Rehoboth Academic Services offers you a bouquet of PhD consulting services from topic selection to final thesis writing. Are you just in the initial stages of your PhD and are baffled at choosing the topic?

In consultation with you, we will analyze your strengths in your field and suggest topics. There is no need to re-invent the wheel. We will start with where others have stopped. Your research will be current and relevant.

Our expertise lies in supporting you for all the chapters of the thesis. Review of Literature always takes a lot of time, as you need to be focussed on collecting information from the literature. When you do not have the time to write, we can critically analyze the literature and present you an up to date Review of Literature.

Although we do not collect data for anyone, we have the expertise in analyzing the data using SPSS v21 or Minitab 17 and present the interpretation in the form of figures and tables. We present our work clearly, logically, cohesively and concisely that will bear the mark of a professional.

Our team experts belong to diverse backgrounds ranging from engineering, life sciences, medical sciences, humanities, management, biotechnology, library sciences to information technology.

You are the main part in our consulting services, as we cannot do anything without your guidance. We will discuss with you about your research work and develop your work.

Topic selection

Selecting the right topic for your research is the most difficult task as it needs to be unique and relevant to your research interest. Most PhD scholars due to lack of incorrect guidance, choose an inappropriate topic for their research and dissertation.

It is highly recommended to choose a research advisor who will guide you throughout your PhD program. It is important for you to have a serious research approach. Your aim should be to work on ideas that are yet unexplored by others in the same field.

Our PhD research advisors will assist you in selecting the topic. We have a vast experience of helping several students of different subjects in their PhD topic selection. We have extremely knowledgeable researchers who understand the importance of topic selection.

We will choose for you a topic that matches your interests, as well as the subject that you are pursuing, and will keep you motivated and your research interest intact.

After you select the topic, we will give you a 150 word description of the topic to help you develop the proposal. You can either take our help in developing the proposal or write on your own.


  • Four original topics related to your area of research interest.
  • 150 words description on the topic selected by you.
  • Help you develop research problem on the selected topic.

What does Rehoboth need from you?

  • Your area of research interest.


  • Topics will be current and relevant to your research area.
  • Topics will be selected such that it will be completed within a stipulated time-period.
  • Appropriate references that supports the topic will be provided.
  • 7 days of turnaround time.

PhD Proposal Service

Your thesis or dissertation proposal is the most important step in the development of research. This step determines the grades of your thesis. If this step is not thought through well, you may start a research and find out later that your variables are not measuring what it needs to measure.

Therefore, as the saying goes, “well begun is half done”, the meticulous preparation of the thesis proposal will reveal you the steps that you should be following in your research.

Academicians normally say that proposal preparation is the most demanding part of the research process, therefore due diligence is required while preparing it.

If you are not sure of how to write a thesis proposal, then Rehoboth experts are there to help you. We know it is a time consuming process, which requires specific skills in understanding the topic to develop the thesis proposal.

We can be of great help to you while we develop the proposal in collaboration with you. After all, the research is yours, and we are there only to support you, and not to take it over from you.


  • Create a research design in consultation with you.
  • Identify the research gaps.
  • Identify the dependent and independent variables.
  • Create a framework for the theoretical model
  • Draft a proposal.
  • Revise based on your inputs (up to 15 Days).


  • Error-free thesis proposal.
  • Unique theoretical framework.
  • Relevant and adequate references.

What does Rehoboth need from you?

  • Your research topic
  • Your university guidelines
  • Structure of the proposal
  • Your objectives of the research
  • Specific details on research like where you want to conduct the research, among whom do you want to conduct the research and so forth.
  • Your expectation as the outcome of the research

Research Methodology

You’ve selected a topic for your project and you have a sense of what is to be uncovered during your research. But then the next question that crops up – How exactly do you plan to go about it? That’s where research methodology comes in.

Research methodology combines the methods and instruments used for research along with the reasoning behind their use. At first glance it seems simple and straightforward – after all, the selection of different methods is based on your objectives and available resources. But it’s pretty easy to get confused by the volumes of information that exist about this topic and selection of the wrong methodology can be fatal to the outcome of your work.

What do we offer at Rehoboth?

Our team of experts can help guide you in your selection of the correct methodology. We can also help critically evaluate the course of action that you have already plotted and help you judge if it is the best plan. We have experience dealing with both qualitative and quantitative research.

Qualitative Research Methodology

If you’re interested in getting the complete picture about your topic, going beyond the fundamental ‘what’ and ‘how’, then you might be dealing with qualitative research. Notably, work in this field does not involve any empirical analysis. Instead, it focuses on describing what the researcher experiences and elucidates the findings. You might consider using any of the following categories of research for your project:

  • Thematic Analysis: Themes or patterns that occur in collected data are analysed to understand more about the phenomenon.
  • Case Study: Perhaps all you want to do is study a single event rather than a huge number of people. That’s where case studies come in and are vital to examine unusual circumstances as well as to add to existing repositories of literature.
  • Ethnography: Sometimes, it’s the participants that grab your attention. Understanding them and their culture better can be a subject of research by itself.
  • Narrative: People have stories to tell and their words hold a great deal of importance. If your research includes testimonies by participants, either written or verbal, then you might be working on a narrative form of research.

We’ve only scratched the surface here and sometimes you might combine two or more methods for the most effective result. It’s understandable that things can get more than a little confusing. And that’s why we’re here to offer any guidance that we can to make this process a little simpler for you. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us. We’re happy to help.

Quantitative Research

If you think that empirical analysis and statistical techniques are going to play key roles in your work, then you might want to consider chalking out a quantitative approach to your research. Simply put, the information generated in the course of such research is either numerical already or can be transmuted into numbers that give a meaningful result. Similar to qualitative research, there are several types of quantitative approaches, such as correlational and descriptive. We also offer additional data analysis services. For more information please Click Here

Statistical Analysis

Most of the data collected during research require statistical analysis. Not all are experts in statistical analysis of the data. You can count on us to analyze the data. At Rehoboth Academic Services, our statistical consultants strive to present you with accurate results through our data analysis services.

You can tell us to use specific statistical tools to use to arrive at the outcome. If you are not sure of which statistical tools to be used, we will select the appropriate tools. However, it should be borne in mind that we do not rework of the data to get the desired outcome.

If you want us to write it as a chapter, we will interpret the results and write it in the proper format/style as a chapter. After we submit the report, we will also ensure that you understand the analytical techniques utilized to obtain the results.

Statistical Software

SPSS, AMOS, PLS, Minitab

Statistical tools that we use

Descriptive statistics, Chi-square test, student t-test, Mann-Whitney test, Correlation, Regression, Multivariate test (MANOVA, MANCOVA), Tukey’s Post-hoc test, Validity test (Factor analysis), Reliability test (Cronbach's alpha), Friedman Rank test, Structure Equation Modelling (SEM), etc.


  • Analyzed data presented in the form of tables and figures.
  • Interpretation written in the form of chapter (optional).
  • Revision based on your inputs (up to 1 month).


  • Appropriate statistical tools applied to the collected data.
  • Create tables and figures with pleasing colors.
  • Write a chapter that contains a strong interpretation of the data.
  • Relevant and adequate references.

What does Rehoboth need from you?

  • Objectives, hypothesis and purpose of the research.
  • Data collected by you.
  • Research instruments that you have used in your research.

How to write chapters

When it comes down to it, writing your paper can be much trickier than what you had expected. Sometimes your thoughts don’t flow and the words refuse to cooperate on paper the way they did in your mind. Then comes the additional challenges of tailoring your work to your university’s guidelines, making sure everything is error-free and that your work makes sense. But drafting your chapters doesn’t need to be that difficult and that’s where we come in.

What services do we offer?

Framework formation: Many scholars can commiserate about starting problems, especially when it comes to a monumental task like this. We help you to form an organized framework so that your task of writing becomes easier.

Editing Services: We offer comprehensive editing services, ranging from basic grammar and spelling to in-depth subject reviews. This allows you to focus on the writing and let us help you with the polishing. For more information about our editing services, please click here

Formatting: We help you format the final project to fit your requirements and have a team of highly skilled individuals who are proficient in formatting documents. For more information about our editing services, please click here

What are some of the chapters that we help you draft?

Introduction: This is often the first chapter that your audience will read. It gives them a background for your work and justification for why your research is important. It’s also often the hardest chapter to write – we recommend waiting before you finalise anything in this chapter.

Research methodology: A compilation of the different methods and instruments that you have used along with the reasoning behind it – a well-planned methodology chapter can make or break your project. For more information about our editing services, please click here

References: We help ensure that your references are formatted according to the necessary guidelines and that you’ve cited everything correctly. Our motto is, when in doubt – cite it, please click here

Results Your results are the fruits of your labour. Based on your requirements, you may have separate chapters to display and discuss your results or one common chapter. We not only offer advice so that you can present your results in the most effective way possible, we also provide data analysis services. Our team is proficient in SPSS, AMOS, PLS, Minitab etc. and can cross-check your analysis if the need arises. For more information about our editing services, please Click Here

Review Services

Publishing your research in a journal is part of doing research, though it may sound simple, can become trickier than what you imagine.

You’ve done the research, presented your findings and written a paper on your work. Now all you have to do is publish it and that should be easy enough, right? But then, it is not as easy as you think. Perhaps you may have missed out certain points which are most important, provide a link between two statements relevant to the context or important in terms of the target journal.

The job of a subject reviewer is to review your paper thoroughly for the subject content and fine tune the paper to make it acceptable for publication by the publisher of the target journal. Here at Rehoboth, we are happy to offer you all the assistance that you require and we strive to go beyond the bare necessities, aiming to help each client reach their goal. How do we do this?

In addition to basic editing services, we have a team of dedicated experts in various disciplines who will check your manuscript for more than spelling and grammar mistakes. Each document sent to us goes through an in-depth editing of the subject matter, where we aim to help clients identify gaps in manuscripts before they send it to the target journal for publication. We also help clients address any issues that crop up during the editing stage, so that they have the best possible chance of being published.

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