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Publishing your research in a journal is part of doing research, Though it may sound simple, it may become trickier than what you imagine.

You’ve done the research. Presented your findings and written a paper on your work. Now all you have to do is publish it and that should be easy enough, right? But then, it is not as easy as you think. Perhaps you may have missed out certain points which are most important and provides a link between two statements.

The job of a subject reviewer is to review your paper thoroughly for the subject content and fine tune the paper to make it acceptable for publication by the publisher. Here at Rehoboth, we are happy to offer you all the assistance that you require and we strive to go beyond the bare necessities, aiming to help each client reach their goal.

In addition to basic editing services, we have a team of dedicated experts in various disciplines who will check your manuscript for more than spelling and grammar mistakes. Each document sent to us goes through an in-depth editing of the subject matter, where we aim to help clients identify gaps in manuscripts before they send it to the target journal for publication. We also help clients address any issues that crop up during the editing stage, so that they have the best possible chance of being published.

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