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Writing the thesis is the most important element towards the fulfillment of your Ph.D. degree. After working hard on your data collection and analysis, presenting the analyzed data in a clear and understandable manner may not be an easy task for you, but, your thesis can be made or marred depending on your presentation.

Your writing should express the ideas clearly, logically and descriptively to the reader. Many a time, you may find it difficult to produce a seamless flow from one chapter to the other. If your writing lacks coherence, the reader might lose focus of the main ideas behind your thesis. As you have been working on your thesis for months together, your attachment to the content will hinder your ability to catch errors in the thesis.This is where we can help you. We believe in absolute clarity in writing and proofreading. We can look at your thesis without any bias and ensure that your thesis is without any grammatical errors, typographical errors, spelling errors, wordy sentences, bombastic words, etc. Our proofreaders can improve the academic tone of your writing and structure the content to achieve coherence. Rehoboth also does the formatting of the thesis as per your university guidelines for a nominal additional fee.

We offer different levels of editing and proofreading of dissertation, thesis, research articles and any academic articles. Our proofreaders and editors scan through the entire document carefully, with trained eyes, spot the errors and produce an impeccable final copy. Our subject-expert editors will catch even the most minor errors. Our professional touch will help you convince the examiners and the readers about the quality of your research.

We believe in absolute clarity in writing and proofreading. Our proofreaders and editors go through the entire document, spot the mistakes and then make a final copy.

In proofreading, we read the content carefully, examine the mistakes and correct the typographical errors in grammar, spellings and style. We make sure that the writing in your thesis, expresses your ideas in a clear, logical and descriptive manner. We give the entire subject a coherent flow. Our thesis writers and editors will look at your thesis without any bias and identify the mistakes.

They will catch even the most minor errors. Rehoboth also does the formatting of the thesis as per your university guidelines for a nominal additional fee.

Why Do You Need Rehoboth Proofreading Service?

  • You are an expert in your subject. Nevertheless, you need an expert in putting together your materials into a cohesive form to be understood and accepted by the academic body.
  • We are most likely to catch errors that you miss since it is easy for you to inadvertently skip over errors when you know what you meant.
  • As an editor, we can be more objective than the owner of the writing, i.e., you.
  • After living and breathing the subject for months, writers often become too attached to be critical. Editors do not have this problem.


  • Polished content free of grammatical, spelling and typographical errors
  • Enrichedlanguage and lexical choice
  • Improved academic tone
  • Better subject matter logic
  • Well-phrased content
  • Enhanced overall coherence
  • A fresh pair of eyes will catch missed errors.
  • A second opinion from someone who knows what is acceptable by the academic body can be invaluable.
  • We can look at the subject from a layman’s point of view and make the subject understandable to everyone.
  • While you are exhausted at the end of your journey in completing your PhD studies, you need the extra support of someone who can read your thesis critically and give you feedback.

What does Rehoboth need from you?

  • Part or all of your dissertation/thesis/research articles/academic articles
  • Your deadline for this document
  • Your contact information

Editing / Proofreading for Books

We at Rehoboth help the authors to polish their work to near perfection at an affordable price. We offer professional copy editing and proofreading services for books.

While proofreading, we always make sure that the author’s own style is retained throughout the book. We try to make the authors feel more confident about their finished work. We provide proofreading services for authors of fiction and non-fiction. Our edited work will help to make a greater impact with improved coherence, consistency and clarity. While copy editing/proofreading the books, we look for the following:

  • Punctuation errors
  • Appropriateness of verb usage
  • Inconsistencies in details
  • Typographical errors and inconsistencies
  • Errors in consistency and Appropriateness of verb usage
  • Spelling errors
  • Grammatical errors
  • Inconsistencies in Details
  • Typographical errors and Inconsistencies

Reference Editing

Accurate references and citations are needed for the success of any academic paper. It is always important to give credit to the authors you are citing in your paper or document.

Different universities and journals require various intricate referencing systems. The experts at Rehoboth promise to fulfill all your referencing needs. What style of citation should be used and how the references are to be arranged in the document have to be decided before editing the references. The reference styles normally followed are APA, Vancouver, Harvard, CMS, MLA, IEEE, etc.We edit in-text citations, footnotes, endnotes, reference lists and cited pages. We also perform cross-checking to ensure that the in-text references are cohesive. We ensure strict compliance with the required referencing system and check for the placement and utilization of in-text citations.

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