After completing your manuscript, you need to ensure that your formatting meets standard guidelines. We help students of every discipline, from universities all over the world with a range of formatting services.

Whether it is a short dissertation, complex scientific research or lengthy literature thesis full of quotations and references, we will format it efficiently and accurately. From the cover page to the last page of the thesis, we will do a fine job. All you will have to do, tell us what style to follow, be it APA, Harvard, Chicago Manual of Style, MLA, Turabian, etc., we will ensure that all the elements are weaved perfectly.

  • Formatting research articles
  • Formatting references according to the styles APA, Vancouver, Harvard, CMS, MLA, IEEE, etc.

We are also experts in creating tables and figures, you can give us the data, we will create it according to your specifications. From the preliminary pages to pagination, figures and tables to headings and sub-headings, we will give you a complete end product. We also do a complete layout formatting. Our thesis formatting services include:

  • Formatting books
  • Formatting thesis/dissertation

Formatting research articles

We offer professional help in formatting your research articles according to the style needed. Provide us with the text and we will get everything done for you.

Not all students understand the standards of different styles. Our knowledge comes from our experience. We format your paper according to the guidelines and manuals specified by your academic institution. We make sure that all the guidelines are followed and that our clients receive a well-formatted paper.

Formatting Thesis / Dissertation

We format your thesis / dissertation so that it complies with your university guidelines. We take care of the page numbering, alignment, spacing, tables of content, etc.

We have worked with all kinds of thesis and we follow the style guides specified by your academic institution. We work along with the thesis / dissertation writers to make sure that the precise formatting standards required by the thesis committees are met. We take care of all the formatting issues such as pagination, spacing and layout issues. Our thesis / dissertation formatting services include Target Journal Formatting and Camera-Ready Formatting.

Target Journal Formatting

Every journal has its own style of formatting tables, figures, text and references. We can help you in achieving error-free formatting of the entire document complying with the journal standards.


  • Formatted manuscript based on the author’s guidelines specified by the journal
  • Well-arranged text and figures based on the journal specifications
  • Correct presentation of references based on specified style
    (APA, Vancouver, Harvard, CMS, MLA, IEEE, etc.)

What does Rehoboth need from you?

  • Your final manuscript
  • Target journal

Camera - Ready Formatting

Several journals and conference proceedings expect the manuscripts to be submitted in camera-ready format, ready for direct printing. Organizing the entire document to meet the guidelines of the required format is a time consuming process. All you have to do is send us the final manuscript and we can get it prepared in a camera-ready format.


  • Formatting guidelines
  • Your final manuscript
  • Manuscript with specified layout
  • Well-arranged text, figures, tables
    with required line spacing and margins

What does Rehoboth need from you?

  • Target journal / conference
  • Manuscript ready for direct printing
  • Follow the word template provided
    by the journal, if any

Formatting Books

A well-formatted book governs your success as an author. Our professional formatting services will ensure that your book’s audience are provided with the best reading experience.

Formatted text plays an important part of publishing any book. We format the content of your book to create a readable layout and invite more readers for your book. We will work with the inputs provided by you and take care of the fonts, page formatting, arrangement of content, layout of your book, etc.

Formatting References

We format your references according to the styles preferred by your institution. We have worked with different styles that include APA, Vancouver, Harvard, CMS, MLA, IEEC, etc.

References are very important for any research as they ensure due credit is given to the author or organization whose previous work has been cited in the present research and the references help the users to identify and locate the original source. All you have to do is specify the format for references according to the guidelines of your institution or journals and we will get it done for you.

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