Questionnaires play an important role in a research study as the means of collecting data from a large audience; whereas an interview schedule helps to obtain an in depth understanding of the research question. While we are aware of their importance, we are unsure about the sequence of questions in a questionnaire or an interview schedule.

A researcher employs a variety of tools to collect the data required for the research, of which questionnaires and interviews are the most effective. The format of these tools depends entirely on the kind of information one intends to extract from respondents. We at Rehoboth will help you in preparing the questionnaire or the interview schedule, right from the scratch. Our efforts stem from a belief, that the format of the research tool and the kind of questions to be asked are the key to preparing the best questionnaire or interview.

We employ a fair mix of open and closed ended questions, depending on your subject or topic of research is. We have a clear idea of what questions should and shouldn’t be included and avoid embarrassing and sensitive questions, hypothetical questions, and questions with positive or negative connotations. Our questionnaire and interview schedule service will prepare data collection tools, which specifically address the objective of your research.

What does Rehoboth need from you?

  • Research topic
  • University guidelines
  • Research objectives
  • Details of the study area & Target Population


  • Well-structured questionnaire and interview schedules


  • Crisp and Relevant Questionnaire
  • Practically Sequenced Interview Schedule

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